What's Behind the Garage Door?

When the garage is full to the brim with contents worth less than the value of the car parked in the street, then perhaps it’s time to consider the following decluttering tips:

How To Organise Tax Receipts

Can you relate to this?  Every year you make a promise to stay on top of tax receipts only to find some months later the system has let you down.  With the end of the financial year fast approaching, here are a number of practical tips to get you organised in no time.

When’s A Sale Not a Bargain?

I worked with a client recently who had over 100 pairs of black shoes that looked remarkably similar. Why did most remain in boxes with price tags attached while she continued to wear her favourite pair?

Confessions of a Professional Organiser (Part 2)

In reality you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get organised.  The key is to think about the “hot spots” in your home.  In other words:  what are the areas that let you down in terms of staying organised?

Confessions of a Professional Organiser

 “Your home must be so neat and organised!”  This would be one of the most common statements people make when they learn I’m a Professional Organiser and President of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO).  The answer however, may not be what everyone expects.

How to DeClutter Silverfish Along with the Paperwork

As a Professional Organiser I often work with clients who find a community of Silverfish living happily amongst their papers and other precious items. As this subject came up again recently, I’d like to share a number of solutions to help declutter the Silverfish along with your paperwork.

When Children Leave Home and Their Clutter Remains

Once an empty nest meant an empty home, however I’ve been reflecting on the surge of clients ready to downsize because their children have left home, only to be left with rooms (and garages) overflowing with their children’s clutter.

How to DeClutter Possessions But Not The Memories:

When a loved one passes, sometimes clients believe the only way to hold on to memories is to fill their homes with the deceased persons possessions. Often these items remain locked away in cupboards or furniture takes up precious space. The solution however may be far more simple and effective.

Confessions of a Professional Organiser (Part 4)

As a Professional Organiser I feel genuinely privileged when working with clients, as everyone has an organising challenge unique to their situation.  My role's to support clients in setting up low cost, easy to use systems that’s designed to make life easier . In many ways, these systems are often similar to those I apply in own home and office and they're used because they do the job that's expect of them - and they work extremely well. 

How to Keep Children’s Rooms Organised

As parents one of the greatest gifts we can teach our children is how to get (and stay) organised. Not an easy task at the best of times, however the Honeycomb Drawer Organizer may just be the perfect solution.

Time Waits For No Mum
Recently I heard time management described as aiming for the lifestyle balance we want to achieve. For most of us the reality is far more complicated than this, because we’re busier than ever.

How Do Cothes Make You Feel?

Often I hear clients say they experience a sinking feeling every time the wardrobe’s opened…or they feel weighed down by the amount of clothes accumulated over time.

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