How Do Cothes Make You Feel?

Often I hear clients say they experience a sinking feeling every time the wardrobe’s opened…or they feel weighed down by the amount of clothes accumulated over time.

This week I’ve been helping clients declutter their wardrobes and it’s made me realise I hear comments like this all the time.  
If you think about it, only one or two generations ago most houses used free standing wardrobes, and the space was often shared between two or more people. As a young child I clearly remember sharing one small wardrobe with 3 siblings.  Now days most children have so many clothes it goes well and truly beyond this.  Adults too have massive walk in wardrobes, plus clothes are often stored in other areas around the house such the spare room….on the floor… the living room……in the garage…... in storage…….and it goes on.   
Wardrobe Girls Dr DeClutter 
If this sounds familiar, read on as I’ve a few tips to help reduce wardrobe clutter:
Remember good decisions need to be made.  It’s really possible to wear 100% of your wardrobe but it can’t be achieved by keeping 100% of your clothes.
True statement:  the less you have, the more you wear. You may just be surprised by the size of my wardrobe, but while it's taken me some time to get there, guaranteed I wear everything in it.  Dr DeClutter can help you learn how to mix and match your clothes so you can maximise use. 
Let space dictate how much you keep.  If you’ve one side of a walk in wardrobe – that’s the only place to keep your clothes.  By doing this you then become more disciplined with making good decisions.  Check out these space savers from Life Space, which help create more shelf room in your wardrobe:
Stock Exchange Principle:  For every new item you purchase, exchange it for something else in your wardrobe.  This tip’s guaranteed not to clutter up your wardrobe.
Live in the present:  Do you want to honour the life you have now or grieve the life that once was?  In reality body shapes change, jobs change and fashion changes too.  With Dr DeClutter we have some beautifully simply but effective strategies to support you in making good decisions about what clothes to keep.
Remember you don’t have to give away everything.  It’s about how you’d like to feel when you open your wardrobe and how much are you prepared to let go in order to achieve it.  Here are a couple of solutions if you’re interested in selling clothes.  Please note these aren’t endorsed by Dr DeClutter, as we recognise it’s a matter of finding one that suits your needs.  or  
Dr DeClutter offers a complimentary 15 minute telephone or Skype consultation to help get you started on your journey to a beautiful wardrobe.  Either email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone Carol on 0449 156 246 and we’ll find a time that suits.
In the meantime, remember with Dr DeClutter – Organising Simply Is Our Business!


0 #2 Cate 2014-07-04 11:48
So glad I found your blog, it's like you know what's in my wardrobe and what I'm thinking!!!! I can't seem to find anything to wear, but there's clothes everywhere and that makes me feel horrid. Do you have any tips for where to start?

Dr DeClutter responded: Hi Cate, thanks for your comments, it seems to be a common experience for some of my clients. You're welcome to give me a call, as I offer a complimentary 15 minute telephone or Skype consult to help get you started.
0 #1 Hetty Blakley 2014-07-01 17:02
After reading this blog it made me realize I need to tackle the kids bedroom. Tks for a great blog.

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