How to DeClutter Silverfish Along with the Paperwork

As a Professional Organiser I often work with clients who find a community of Silverfish living happily amongst their papers and other precious items. As this subject came up again recently, I’d like to share a number of solutions to help declutter the Silverfish along with your paperwork.

Silverfish are quite common throughout Australia and they do have a preference for eating items with high starch content such as paper and cotton fabrics. They’re often found living amongst areas which remain dark and unused, such as bookcases, storage boxes and where paperwork piles up and remains untouched (such as stacks of newspapers).


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Some of the ways to reduce the likelihood of Silverfish sharing your home is to ensure storage areas are light and dry and contents of suitcases, wardrobes etc are regularly aired.


I had a client with an infestation of Silverfish in her bedroom and she tried a number of remedies in order to get rid of them. It wasn’t until we organised for the cracks in the walls to be repaired that the problem completely disappeared as they were found breeding behind the wall.


Traditionally Silverfish can also be more active at night as they go in search of water and food so it’s well worth doing a thorough investigation and eliminating all risks such as covering food and wiping down benches.


Here’s two links which you may find useful, though please note Dr DeClutter doesn’t endorse these ideas and or products and reader discretion is advised.


How to Get Rid of Silverfish Naturally and Organically


6 Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish


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