When Children Leave Home and Their Clutter Remains

Once an empty nest meant an empty home, however I’ve been reflecting on the surge of clients ready to downsize because their children have left home, only to be left with rooms (and garages) overflowing with their children’s clutter.
These are some experiences my clients have faced over the years:
1.Son moved his furniture into parent’s home while he went travelling overseas indefinitely.   Car stored in garage while parent’s vehicle remained on street; 
2.Mail continued to arrive for children, even though they left home several years ago;
3.Daughter with child moved out of parents home but excess furniture was left behind because it wouldn’t fit into the new home;
4.Children moved out but left behind their school trophies, books, certificates and memorabilia
5.Siblings used their mother’s home office as storage facility for surplus artwork and computers; rendering space unsuitable for home consultations.
Elderly couple active Carol Martyn Dr DeClutter Downsizing
Some of the outcomes included:
-One client asked for rent and the items were promptly removed
-Fort Knox Self Storage has a range of affordable storage options http://www.fortknoxselfstorage.com.au/?gclid=CPuTpIbEzL8CFUUAvAodGUoAJQ
-Take photos of children’s memorabilia and make up digital albums. Officeworks has a good range of affordable photo books available.  This way the items can move on but not the memories http://www.officeworks.com.au/print/print-and-copy/digital-photos-and-photobooks/photobooks
-Have a garage sale or post excess items online
-One client invited the children over for dinner whereby she acknowledged the next phase of their lives and advised as young adults they were now responsible for their own clutter.  The night was spent sifting through the memorabilia and each of her children left with a box and the rest was moved on.  My client said it was one of the most empowering nights she experienced because the relationship with her children shifted along with the clutter.
Remember if you’d like support with decluttering your nest, Dr DeClutter offers a complimentary 15 minute telephone or Skype consultation to help get you started.  You can either phone Carol on 0449 156 246 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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