How The Cake Snake Can Help Organise Your Kitchen 

I came across this wonderful product recently and it surprised me on many levels.
Firstly the Cake Snake is deceptive– it’s extremely light but tough as nails when it comes to keeping your kitchen organised.
Cake Snake Tins Dr DeClutter Carol Martyn
As the name indicates, the Cake Snake’s perfect for organising your cake tins and baking goods, such as cooling racks.
We all know that baking has (thankfully) become more popular in recent times due to shows such as Master Chef and for anyone who’s a keen baker, then this little beauty really will save you precious time when searching for your favourite baking tins. Rather than scrounging around in your cupboards, the Cake Snake keeps your trays neatly lined up and easily accessible – no more lifting pans to get to the one on the bottom!
However saying this, I always like to find multiple uses for this beautifully simply product, as I’m quietly confident you’ll want more than one for your kitchen.
Cake Snake Breadboards Dr DeClutter Carol MartynI started to explore with clients other areas in their kitchens whereby the Cake Snake could work equally well.  It came as no surprise that organising chopping boards was a popular solution – no more lifting out heavy boards , such bliss! One of my clients  found the Cake Snake actually gave her more room in her cupboards….now who doesn’t want that?
If you’re someone who caters regularly, then the Cake Snake also works beautifully for storing serving trays and platters – and the loop (or curve of the snake) makes it perfect for storing smaller items too.
I’m equally impressed to learn the Cake Snake is proudly designed and  manufactured here in Australia and I know you’ll want to invest in one (or two) today so further information can be found at 
Cake Snake Tray Dr DeClutter Carol MartynIf you’d like help decluttering and organising your kitchen, please contact Carol at Dr DeClutter on 0449 156 246 to make a booking.  As an added bonus, I can bring the Cake Snake with me so you can see how it effortlessly saves you both space and time.  

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