Organising Your Wardrobe Using an Ironing Hanger

If you’re someone who shudders at the thought of organising your wardrobe because you fear ending up in a bigger mess, then this product may just be what you’re looking for.

The Ironing Hanger’s another wonderful product from an Australian, family operated business called Lifespace Store and Organise (

Ironing Hanger Dr DeClutter Carol Martyn Lifespace

The hook slips effortlessly over any door and is perfect for sorting out your wardrobe and for this alone, I’d certainly recommend you investing in more than one as you’ll definitely use them.

Here’s a number of ways the Ironing Hanger can be used:

- Sorting out travelling/holiday clothes so that everything mixes and matches - thereby minimising luggage space. By hanging everything on the Ironing Hanger you can instantly work out how much to take;

- Organising an outfit for a special occasion and maximising use of the clothes you already have rather than purchasing something new. Start with the main item (such as a dress) and use the hanger to try additional clothing options such as jackets, accessories etc

- Mixing and matching tops with bottoms (skirts, trousers) - thereby maximising wardrobe use. Traditionally most people only wear a top with one or two bottoms and these Ironing Hangers are perfect for hanging clothes so one can visually see how they work together.

- Oh, and it also makes a great hanger for the ironing too!

The huge range of hangers can be found at and while there you may want to explore the wonderful range of storage products that help keep your home organised. Remember Dr DeClutter’s clients are eligible to receive a generous 5% discount off all Lifespace Store and Organise Products; just contact me for your personalised code.

If your wardrobe needs a makeover, you can start with a complimentary 15 minute consultation with Dr DeClutter. Phone Carol on 04149 156 to schedule a time today. For every booking I can bring the Ironing Hanger to show you how it can help organise your wardrobe.


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