How to Keep Children’s Rooms Organised

As parents one of the greatest gifts we can teach our children is how to get (and stay) organised. Not an easy task at the best of times, however the Honeycomb Drawer Organizer may just be the perfect solution.

If you’re one of the many parents who often struggle with the mess in children’s rooms, then this may be the solution you’re looking for.

I love this Honeycomb Drawer Organiser from Lifespace Store and Organise ( and knew instantly that I’d found a beautiful product that can be an effective visual tool when it comes to showing children how to keep their clothes organised.

The Honeycomb Drawer Organizer comes with 8 pieces that snap together for easy assembly. The beauty about this product however is its unique space-saving design which expands to fit a multitude of drawer sizes making it one versatile product.

Rather than having the newly washed clothes strewn about in their drawers, everything can be rolled up and inserted into one of the honeycomb compartments making it easier for small children to find their favourite t-shirt when needed.

Honeycomb Drawer Organiser Display Dr DeClutter Carol Martyn LifespaceThe Honeycomb Drawer Organizer is perfect for small children’s socks, underwear, singlets, t-shirts and shorts and it makes organising a breeze.

I’m sure you’ll be so impressed with this product that you’ll want to invest in several. Yes, this product is generally used for adult socks, ties etc but I always enjoy finding multiple uses for products.

One of my clients thought the Honeycomb Drawer Organiser would be perfect for organising her craft embellishments and other was thrilled to find it kept her costume necklaces organised. I’m confident it could also be used to store and organise small toy parts like leggo.

The range of drawer organisers can be found here and remember if you’re a client of Dr DeClutter, then you’re eligible for a 5% discount on all Lifespace Store and Organise products – contact me for further information.

If you’d like help getting your children’s bedrooms organised, then contact Carol on 0449 156 246 to make a booking today. Please remind me to bring the Honeycomb Drawer Organizer with me to demonstrate how quickly it can organise most drawers

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