A Mobile Phone Case That Keeps Your Money and Credit Card Organised

A great product  has come onto the market that’s not only practical but takes organising to a whole new level.

Recently I came across this beautiful mobile phone case that can also hold your credit card and cash securely in the one place, which is perfect for occasions when you don’t want to cart around bulky handbags and bulging wallets.

bellroy-lifestyle-masamori-2015-30 Dr DeClutter Carol Martyn

Bellroy (www.bellroy.com) are an Australian company based in Victoria with a creative team who really get that wallets, bags and accessories need to be both functional and practical when it comes to everyday use.

The case is made from flexible polycarbonate that gives it surprising strength and this is balanced with a soft microfiber lining that offers protection for your phone. You only need to hold the case in your hand to feel the quality of the vegetable tan full grain leather that comes in a choice of 5 on trend colours.

Most impressive though is the effortless mechanism that uses your thumb to release your credit card when required, though the card remains secure in the allocated pocket when not needed. Clearly Bellroy has thought of everything as the benefits of owning one of these mobile phone cases doesn’t stop there. Another design benefit is the ability to use the “tap and go” function of your card, without having to remove it from your phone, making it a much needed accessory for anyone who has an iphone 6.bellroy-pcia-black-wb-web-02 Dr DeClutter Carol Martyn

Cash can also be securely stored in the phone case, though I also believe it’s a handy spot to stash a few business cards, which means you’ll always have some on hand.

Another surprising addition is the ability to store an extra sim card, though I must admit it’s got me a little stumped as to why this feature would be needed and it may just be that I haven’t had the need to do so.

If you’re in the market for an affordable and stylish phone case, then you can purchase one from these retailers. http://bellroy.com/retailers

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