Your House Is Your Home, Home Is Where the Heart Is… but can you find it?

When you’ve lived in the same house for many years you’ve probably never had reason to question where and why you keep everything. And, let’s face it, who really Spring Cleans these days?

It’s not until significant changes in life forces clients to make alternative arrangements and it’s during times like these that extra support may be required. It’s the discretion and sensitivity that makes Dr DeClutter a leader in the field of Professional Organising Services. Which one of these significant changes in life are you currently experiencing?

Moving House - Settle in sooner and enjoy your new home by booking Dr DeClutter to assist with finding the best solutions for your new home. Moving can be an expensive and exhaustive exercise - especially if you still have unpacked boxes from the last time you moved.  By consolidating what will be moved beforehand, you will spend less on removalist costs and make a fresh, clutter free start in your new home.

Preparation For Sale - Remember you’re selling the house, not what’s in it and Dr DeClutter can help you present your home with the right feel to attract the best possible buyers. We also work closely with a select number of reputable real estate agents and can provide you with inside knowledge of what agents look for when selling your home.

MOVING PAGE PHOTODownsizing - The fear of letting go of possessions that hold dear memories can be very strong, so strong that it can often make decisions very difficult. Dr DeClutter has respectfully worked with families in similar situations and can provide a range of sensitive, stress free solutions.

Deceased Estates - There’s often a strong link between a person’s passing and their possessions and this can be a difficult time for everyone emotionally, financially and physically.  Clients often turn to Dr DeClutter for a third party approach as they aim to find the balance between respecting a person’s wishes and trying to fit another household into the limited space they may already have.

Making More Space For the Family - Whether you’re welcoming a new baby or family member into your home or the children are maturing and need their own space, there’s just so much to consider and it’s hard to know where to start. This is where Dr DeClutter has the experience and knowledge to evaluate the space available, consider the future uses and implement the changes that will make a difference.

Carol Martyn is Accredited Expert Member and Past President of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers Inc (AAPO), a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), a member of the National Association of Professional Organisers (NAPO) and Australia's only Organising Expert to successfully gain coaching qualifications specifically tailored to the Professional Organising Industry.  Carol's proud to offer a confidential and personalised organising service.

If you want to create order in your home, we recommend you start by reading the complimentary Hints and Tips page for a few simple ideas.

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