The following are actual testimonials from Dr DeClutter’s clients.  Some would be more than happy to speak with you direct and answer any questions you may have.  Please contact Carol on 0449 156 246 to enquire further.


Study:  I love how Carol found the perfect place for my antique desk.  The reconfiguration of the room has changed the look completely and I’ve ended up with more space to move around.  Carol from Dr DeClutter really knows her stuff and I’d recommend her to anyone who needs help getting organised. Liz - Bayswater

Workshop:  Carol you’ve inspired me to drop you a note of thanks for your informative workshop last night.  Not only have we come away with ideas of how to get started, but we now know what to keep and how long for.  My husband and I both loved that questions were asked and topic was geared towards our concerns/questions. Samantha – attendee workshop How to Reduce Paper Clutter

Wardrobe:  "I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart Carol for your help yesterday on so many levels!  I couldn't believe how it made me feel afterwards!  I felt a weight lift off me and felt liberated and it also shook me up and I don't want to buy more stuff.  I’m looking forward to next week and deeply grateful for your caring, compassion, directness and incredible organisational skills!" M – Brighton South

Kitchen:  I was looking for tips and advice specifically targeted for my needs and when I read Dr DeClutter’s website was confident about the quality of Carol’s services.  Then after our initial chat, I decided Carol was the right person, as her calm demeanour helped focus and motivated me. She was professional, understanding and showed compassion during our conversations, so all the boxes were ticked and I felt comfortable with her. I felt I made the right decision in engaging Carol, particularly when she helped me find storage solutions for my space and cupboards that were specific to my needs. Thank you, I’m recommending Carol to my friends because I know they won’t be disappointed and am sure they will learn something from Dr DeClutter too. Kelly – Southbank

 Study: I would avoid going into my study because of the clutter but thanks to Carol, she helped transform it into a peaceful, calm space with everything now at my fingertips. The other day I had a smile on my face when searching for a document because I knew exactly where it was. Not only has Carol saved me time but she was worth every cent. Henry - Hampton

 Preparing Home for Sale: We needed help organising our home for sale and Carol helped us not only prioritise what was important, but we saved heaps of time and money by ensuring we don’t take the clutter to our new home. Carol also has the knack of viewing our rooms differently and with a few changes it made all the difference – the rooms look larger and less cluttered and we learned so much from her. Brenda – East St Kilda

Workshop: Your workshop last week inspired me to write informing you of my progress. I left with hope, ideas and an action plan, plus renewed enthusiasm. In fact  I went directly home and started decluttering, with your voice in my head reminding me what I needed to do. Thank you so much Carol for inspiring me to start working on my clutter. I’ll give you a call and book a time for you to help me if I get overwhelmed with the clutter. Please let me know of your next workshop, as I’d like to bring my husband along next time. Juanita – attendee workshop on Reducing Paper Clutter.

Moving: Carol was referred to us by friends who had used Dr DeClutter’s services and she was worth every cent. With settlement fast approaching and both my husband and I working full time, we didn’t have the head space to prepare for the move. Carol seemed to quickly grasp our situation and understood our priorities. In the end she project managed the entire move for us and not only organised everything from the removalists to cleaners but even had some great strategies to keep the kids entertained during the move! We’ve recommended Carol to all our friends as this is the highest compliment we can give her. If you’re looking for a stress free move, we’d suggest you pick up the phone and book her now before someone else snaps up a booking. Elena and Brian – Elsternwick

 Deceased Estate: I once cried every time I looked at my brother’s things and it took a long time to even think about opening boxes. I thought if everything went, I’d no longer have the memories, as that’s all that’s left now. Carol from Dr DeClutter’s really a saint in disguise, she was so patient and helped me sort through the emotional clutter as well as the physical, and I’ve learnt that by letting go of the things I don’t want, need or love, my brother’s excess furniture has started another journey. I was afraid that Carol would make me get rid of everything, or throw things out without me knowing about it, but that wasn’t the case. Carol’s given me heaps of ideas of how to repurpose or display the things I’ve kept, rather than having my brothers things stored in a cupboard and out of sight. Now every time I look at them I can’t help but think good thoughts. Who would have thought? Janelle – Doncaster

Public Speaking: I just had to send you an email to say that after your workshop last week, you’ve motivated me to start sorting through my stack of papers on the kitchen bench. Your tips really helped me tackle small bits at a time and now the paperwork’s finally done yay! It’s been a long time since the bench was this organised. Thank you, I’m now off to tackle some papers in the study next. Please let me know when you’re doing the next workshop, I want to bring my sister. Helga - Rowville

 Downsize/ Preparing Home for Sale: Our parents needed to downsize and had so much stuff to get rid of before they even thought of putting the house on the market. Both my sister and I tried to help, and nothing was achieved but frustration and a bigger mess. Carol met with us and heard us all out, which may sound strange but she picked up that my parents were resisting the move because the family home contained so many memories and they were finding it hard to let go.  Carol ended up working with them separately and helped them sort through their own possessions, at their own pace.  She’s a gem because my father didn’t want anything to do with her at first but in the end he came around and would be waiting at the door to show her what he'd achieved since last visit.  My sister and I were amazed at his turnaround. She was respectful and patient and helped my parents realise that family is more important than clutter. Sophie - Albert Park

Garage: I couldn’t believe we had boxes in the garage that remained unopened since our last move and how much space we now have. Thank you for helping me sort through not only the boxes, but for helping me understand what to keep and how to store the things we don’t use regularly. Now we have an organised garage with only what we need and nothing more. It’s been a long time coming and can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner. Your contact for carting away what we didn’t need was professional and arrived on time too, so really I couldn’t ask for more. I’d recommend Dr DeClutter to anyone who needs help sorting out a garage, as it’s worth investing the time to get what we did. Gail - Hampton

 Wardrobe: I kept buying clothes thinking I didn’t have enough, but Carol from Dr DeClutter showed me how to use what I already have. I never thought to combine some of the clothes and mix and match and it really wasn’t that hard to do, I just needed to change my thinking. I have fewer clothes but friends keep asking what the new outfit I’m wearing is, and I have great delight in telling them about how you helped me Carol, thank you. I’d recommend Dr DeClutter to anyone who has a wardrobe full of clothes but “has nothing to wear”. Raelene - Sandringham

Home DeClutter and Organising Paperwork:  Initially I felt great shame at the mess and disorder of my home, thinking it would be easier to ignore and muddle on, and then my daughter recommended Dr DeClutter to me. Rather than procrastinating, I’ve learnt to deal with tasks straight away, and then it’s done. This really simple technique has helped me get organised.  Initially I also had a fear of losing precious information if I let go of my paperwork and books.  Dr DeClutter has shown me that I can still access what I need through other means and it actually works!  It now feels a lot easier to let go, knowing everything’s going to new homes and starting new journeys.  I’d recommend Dr DeClutter to anyone who needs a good kick-start to help reduce the number of “things” in their home, as I’ve definitely experienced a big shift in feelings about the stuff I actually have.   Less is definitely more. Helen - Templestowe 

Craft Room:  My craft room was the messiest place in our home but not any more thanks to Dr DeClutter. Thanks Carol for helping me think about the room differently, I like how the desk and shelving are now placed, as now everything's at my fingertips rather than scattered about. I didn’t think I’d ever meet someone who understood my vision for this room, so thank you, I now look forward to getting in there, I feel so inspired every time I enter the room. Hazel – Glen Waverley

 Working With A Family:  As a newly single dad with 2 young kids, I didn’t realise how hard it was to juggle everything while working full-time. Things fell by the wayside and I kept saying I’ll “do it later” and stuff kept piling up. I got more than I bargained for with Dr DeClutter, because Carol also helped get me and the kids in order, and that says it all right there.  Carol took the time to find out not just what I wanted, but also the boys.  I hadn’t even considered their needs but it’s made all the difference.   We now have routines, the kids are more settled, we can find the important stuff, bills are paid on time and our house has been turned into a home again.  After the passing of my wife, that’s the biggest compliment I can give Dr DeClutter. Carol’s even made a number of recommendations regarding the placement of furniture and everything now flows better.  My kids are also happy, and my youngest son wants to bring friends over because he now loves where we’re living.  How do you put a price on that?  I’d recommend Dr DeClutter to dads who need help getting organised and anyone who needs help with home styling – if only you could see what Carol’s done to our home.  Jason A  - Caulfield 

Laundry:  Thank you for helping us set up a solution for managing the laundry. Before you came it was always a struggle for the family to work out what clothes were clean and what needed washing.  I can’t believe how simple your system is and often have a chuckle about the obvious things not being so obvious.  Even the kids have managed to stick to this system and you’ve saved us so much time and energy.  The kids love it too because I’m no longer nagging them about picking up their clothes and I can’t wait for our next appointment when we tackle the linen cupboard. Claire - Clayton

Children:  We don’t know how you did it Carol but you managed to achieve something that we’ve attempted to do for the past 8 years.  We can’t believe our daughter still keeps her room tidy after all this time; thank you for all you’ve done. We’ve been telling all our friends and family about Dr DeClutter and would recommend you to anyone who needs help with getting kids into a routine. Bridgett - Cheltenham

Downsizing: I first contacted Dr DeClutter to assist my father downsize and organise his possessions since moving into a nursing home, as it's different when family try to help.  Due to his mental health issues, I was initially unsure if anyone would be able to connect with him; however Carol assured me she would not rush things.  Instead she was engaging and respectful and treated it as a process which helped my father greatly and consequently paved the way for the family to continue to support him long term.  I would recommend Dr DeClutter to anyone who's downsizing, as Carol's very caring and puts her clients needs first. Colleen C - Rosebud

 Preparing Home for Sale: Thank you so much for your help!  A team of 8 from the real estate agency went through our home today.  The Director said it looked like a different house, very grateful. Alisa - Mckinnon

Public Speaking: Thank you very much for speaking at our support group on Wednesday.  It was fabulous to receive so many tips and lovely to see your example that it is fine to keep some very special things.  All the ladies appreciated it and I certainly got a lot out of the session especially the part on managing time, an issue for so many people. Peggy P, Co-Ordinator - Women's Anxiety and Depression Support Group

Office / Paper: People cannot believe this is my office!  And it is a delight to work in it. I think I must be sick!!!!!  Phil M - Rowville

Home:  It's amazing how many emotions are tied up with clutter, and how much stress it creates which you don't realise until you look around and see a clean, minimalist room and think "I no longer have more than my fair share of resources", and of course there is so much less work to do. Sometimes it's just that third party perspective telling you 'it's ok to let go' that can really set you on the right track.Ella B

Wardrobe:  Thank you for showing me how to work with the clothes I already have by mixing and matching rather than sticking to wearing one shirt with the same skirt.  I’ve ended up with less clothes, but wearing them more often.  Who would have thought this possible?  Jayne - Brunswick

Office / Paper:  What you’ve done for me in a short period of time it would have taken me years to do.  I can’t thank you enough.  I now enjoy working from home as the new system really works and I can’t wait to show it off. Debbie H - Richmond

Deceased Estate:  On behalf of my family I would like to thank you for the referral, we managed to get far more than we thought for the memorabilia.  If it wasn’t for you we would have thrown it away.  I guess it’s one of the difficulties of working through a deceased estate and having so many emotions tied in with the memories. We couldn’t have done it without you and really can’t thank you enough.  W Dietamen - Hawthorn

Preparing Home for Sale / Home Styling:  Greg walked into our home tonight and couldn’t believe he was in the same place. The look on his face was priceless and now he doesn’t want to move!  We really love how you’ve helped us think about things in a different way and we know the new owners will love our home as much as we now do.  P Weston - Albert Park

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