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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Dr DeClutter

Dr DeClutter is a unique decluttering service working with both NDIS and private clients. We are highly trained in the specialised areas of working with people who identify with mental health conditions. These include anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, ADHD, chronic disorganisation and hoarding behaviour. Clients choose Dr DeClutter for the features that set us apart from more generalised services. We partner with clients by providing decluttering education that focus on habits, systems and routines. Clients LEARN the tools needed to make decluttering stick.

Our Approach

Dr DeClutter's approach is 100% client-centred. Yes, we help you declutter and get organised. We also offer so much more than this. We take the time to learn what decluttering goals are important to you and why this matters. Then, together we work side by side, making the changes needed. You will learn how to embed new routines, systems and habits while living with your mental health conditions. The goal is for you to function and live in your home in a way that works for you.

Our successful DeClutter Programs support your diagnosed mental health conditions. You will learn practical decluttering tools that are easily transferable across all areas of your home. Dr DeClutter offers you programs which are:

  • tailored to your unique needs
  • always confidential and supportive
  • 100% respectful of your decisions, possessions, home and family

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DeCluttering Services

Dr DeClutter specialises in working with people living with anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, ADHD, chronic disorganisation and hoarding behaviour.

We also understand mental health conditions often get in the way of clients decluttering goals. The desire to get organised is there, but connecting the steps can be difficult. If you can relate to this, you're not alone. You're in exactly the right place. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients declutter, and we can help you too.  Your next step is one click away.

Which option suits you?

Compulsive Shopping Support Groups

DeClutter Accountability Group Coaching

DeClutter Programs

Coaching Programs 

Your Experience

Our Programs are all about you and your decluttering goals - not the standards or goals of others. We are here for you. We partner with you to ensure that your decluttering journey is comfortable.  Working at your pace, and completely focused on your needs is our commitment.

You will feel fully supported and confident that you're in the hands of experts who've helped hundreds of people - just like you - reach their version of decluttering success.

Having the courage to engage in this process, will reward you with life-long skills. These include an awareness of clutter triggers and how to work to your mental health strengths. Long after successfully completing one of our DeClutter Programs, clients continue to express the many benefits of having worked with Dr DeClutter.  We are confident you can too.

Your next step is only a phone call away.