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How to Choose a Professional Organiser

You’re ready to hire a Professional Organiser to help you declutter and organise your home.  The question of how to know which Professional Organiser will be the best fit often arises and it’s a fair question.  While it’s true that here in Australia there’s a vast array of specialisations within the Professional Organising industry, in general terms if we look at the “Professional” aspect of an Organiser, they will work with you in your home or business and:


  • Can be hired to complete ‘one-off’ tidy ups, or provide errand type services, help you organise an event, or even work with you to create an action plan for you to implement on your own. Other Professional Organisers, like Dr DeClutter have a focus on providing education in order for clients to learn not only clutter triggers, but strategies to minimise clutter reaccumulation.
  • Actively listen to your decluttering needs and support you in working towards your agenda (not theirs).
  • Work with you on creating a plan to support you in achieving your organising goals.
  • Help you understand your own working style and organising strengths. Other Professional Organisers like Dr DeClutter specialise in working with clients who identify with the complexities associated with mental health and its important clients choose an Organiser that’s qualified to do so.
  • They have an ethical framework that focuses client conversations on present and the future decluttering needs. Professional Organising isn’t counselling.

Remember it’s important that you both agree on the scope of the work before the project commences, along with what you’re hoping to achieve.

5 Questions to ask a Professional Organiser to find out if they’re a good fit, have the right qualifications and working style for you:

  1. What qualifications do you have? This question is particularly important if you identify with anxiety, depression, ADHD, chronic disorganisation or have hoarding tendencies.
  2. Can you give me an example of when you’ve worked with a client with a similar situation to me? What was your role in the solution?
  3. What would our first session look like?
  4. How could you help me with ______?
  5. What happens if I’m not happy with your work?

If you would like to learn how Carol Martyn from Dr DeClutter can help you on your organising journey, book your Complimentary Discovery Call

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