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How an Organiser Coach Helps Focus the ADHD Brain

How an Organiser Coach Helps Focus the ADHD Brain

 If you identify with ADHD, it can sometimes be a challenge focusing attention and energy.  Additional challenges arise if  decluttering and organising your home isn't an enjoyable task.

Overwhelm, distractibility and boredom can quickly set in. An Organiser Coach may be the key to help focus the ADHD brain.

An experienced Organiser Coach is skilled at striking the balance between providing both Coaching and Professional Organising services.  If you were to think of it as pieces of a puzzle it could look like this:

The ADHD Piece –understanding how your ADHD truly shows up when organising.  Yes it’s common for some to label behaviour – such as boredom and distractibility - as ADHD traits, particularly when more enjoyable activities can hold our interest. However a skilled Organiser Coach can help clients refocus and identify strategies to gain momentum and get things done.

The Organising Piece – how the ADHD brain process information is somewhat different for everyone.  Some clients find they start with the best intentions but end up distracted and consequently lose track of time.  As a consequence a 10 minute task ends up taking over 2 hours to complete.  A qualified Organiser Coach is skilled at helping clients work through practicalities such as strategies for increasing awareness of time to help focus on the task at hand.

The Coaching Piece – sometimes the ADHD brain can seem overactive and spark from one idea to another.  Coaching gives clients the space to hit the pause button, reflect and rein thoughts in.  An Organiser Coach who is experienced in this field will summarise discussions and provide the tools and awareness for clients to focus on their ADHD strengths.

The Education Piece – is another crucial part.  Clients with ADHD can declutter and organise their homes, however if they don’t learn how to work with (rather than against) their ADHD, the clutter is likely to reaccumulate.    A good Organiser Coach can help clients focus within and learn how this impacts on their external environment.

Increasing awareness of the key moving pieces helps clients with ADHD focus on what’s important.

Remember Carol Martyn from Dr DeClutter is Australia’s only Certified Organiser Coach.  You can book your complimentary Discovery Call and together we may just find out where the first piece fits for you.

Alternatively the pieces of your organising puzzle may be here where you can learn how to choose a Professional Organiser.
Or perhaps the missing piece may be coach. Here you can learn what is a coach and how do you know if you need one?


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