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Compulsive Shopping Support Group Waitlist

By joining a Compulsive Shopping Support Group, you'll work at your pace, in your space, steadily making progress on what’s important to you. The groups are structured to provide professional coaching, confidential support and accountability for 6 weeks. You 'll be part of a community of like-minded people, all working towards individual decluttering goals, while learning and sharing experiences. We also celebrate milestones along the way.

These groups are specifically designed for anyone who is:

  • Shopping to fill emotional voids
  • Living beyond your means
  • Displaying impulsive behaviours
  • In debt
  • Hiding or lying about the cost of purchases
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Keen to learn tools and strategies

How the groups work:

PLANNING STAGE - a personal coaching call where together we:

  • identify your specific shopping goals
  • gain clarity around how to work with any mental health conditions
  • learn how to effectively manage your time during your Support Group and
  • discuss expectations

DISCUSSION STAGE - group accountability calls (weekly)

Come to the group prepared to:

  • discuss your previous weeks' commitments
  • set clear intentions for the coming week
  • ask for and receive accountability and support
  • explore how your behaviour and triggers may show up
  • discover how to work with your mental health
  • learn strategies and techniques to support you
  • ask questions, share your journey
  • celebrate your success


To maximise your experience and gain results:

  1. Commit to attending the weekly sessions.
  2. Attend calls on time to minimise disruption.
  3. Acknowledge that changing habits take work.
  4. Dedicate time each week outside of Group to work on your accountability goals and apply learnings. The amount of time you dedicate to this is up to you.
  5. Support your peers and hold Group confidentiality.

The Compulsive Shopping Support Groups aren't for everyone. Alternative options here if you prefer personal coaching support.   Either way, change is possible if you show up and do the work required.  Remember Dr DeClutter will be with you every step of the way, supporting you on your journey.  Join this exclusive and supportive private Support Group today.

Complete your booking below to reserve your spot today, or please get in touch with any questions you have.


Compulsive Shopping Support waiting list
Due to popular demand, priority is given to those registered.

 Feeling overwhelmed
 Shopping to fill emotional voids
 Displaying impulsive behaviours
 Weekly accountability and support

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Compulsive Shopping Waitlist