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DeClutter Programs

The DeClutter Programs has been designed specifically with you in mind. We know there is NO one size fits all when it comes to decluttering your home. All Programs are the result of hundreds of hours of study and hands-on experience.  We have worked closely with clients who identify with anxiety, depression, addictions, ADHD and hoarding behaviour.....

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Coaching Programs

Truly conquering your clutter in a sustainable way involves working on core behaviour and habits that contribute to clutter creation.

Coaching  supports clients to explore core habits and behaviours. It also supports you to set up systems which sustain long term results.

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DeClutter Accountability Group Coaching

Group Coaching allows you to work at your pace, in your space, steadily making progress on what’s most important to you. The Groups are structured to provide professional, confidential support and accountability on a weekly basis for a six week period.

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Dr DeClutter designs and delivers two specific types of face to face workshops: Public workshops and Workplace workshops.

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