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Compulsive Shopping Support

We shop for all types of reasons. Sometimes it's the lure of a sale or even the thrill of a bargain.  Sometimes we shop because items are genuinely needed.

When then does shopping become a problem? When our credit cards are in the red, bills are overdue, we shop to feel good, or when our homes are full of stuff we don't use, want, or need.

While not currently a diagnosable condition, compulsive shopping is also known as compulsive shopping disorder and compulsive buying disorder.

Dr DeClutter defines compulsive shopping as:

  1. Unhealthy patterns of behaviour causing the obsessive acquisition of goods.
  2. Achieving an altered emotional state due to lack of impulsive control resulting in the urge to spend money
  3. A behavioural addiction.
  4. Daily routines are significantly hindered

In severe cases, it may lead to:

  1. Denial in living beyond means.
  2. Significant financial and emotional distress.

Dr DeClutter’s Compulsive Shopping Support Groups can help. They are tailored to your specific goals. 

You have the option of either reducing shopping splurges or stopping altogether.

Either way, you’ll gain the tools and awareness to manage your spending habits realistically.

The Compulsive Shopping Support Groups are structured to provide professional coaching, confidential support, and weekly accountability. Groups are intentionally small, so you can learn more about your triggers, patterns of behaviour, and what you're really shopping for. By the end of the course, you'll learn how to implement boundaries and strategies to support healthier spending habits.

Each week has built-in actions and accountability to help keep you focussed on what's important to you. You are part of a community of like-minded people, all working towards individual goals while learning and sharing experiences. We also celebrate achievements along the way.

The Compulsive Shopping Support Groups is for individuals who are:

  • shopping to fill an emotional void
  • living beyond their means
  • displaying impulsive behaviours
  • in debt
  • hiding or lying about the cost of purchases
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • keen to learn tools and strategies

How Compulsive Shopping Support Groups Work

STEP ONE - Planning stage: Personal Coaching Call with Dr DeClutter, where, together, we:

  • identify your realistic goals
  • gain clarity around how to work with any mental health conditions
  • learn how to effectively manage your time during the Group Coaching Sessions and
  • discuss expectations of Group Coaching calls

STEP TWO - Discussion stage: Group Accountability Coaching Calls (weekly)

Come to the group prepared to:

  • discuss your previous weeks' commitments
  • set clear intentions for the coming week
  • ask for and receive accountability and support from the group
  • explore how your behaviour and triggers may show up
  • learn strategies and techniques to support you

STEP THREE - Action/Doing stage:

  • this is where you start to see real results
  • set up the structure for your week
  • allocate time to work through agreed actions
  • apply learnings from Group Accountability Calls

STEP FOUR - Update us with your progress (optional)

  • all group participants have access to our members-only Facebook page
  • post your progress in the private group
  • ask questions, share your journey
  • let's celebrate your success together


To maximise the experiences and benefits from The Compulsive Shopping Support Group, we ask you to:

  1. Commit to attending the weekly Group Coaching Calls.
  2. Attend calls on time to minimise disruption.
  3. Acknowledge that changing habits take work.
  4. Dedicate time each week to work on your accountability goals and apply learnings.
  5. Support your peers and hold the confidentiality of the Group

The Compulsive Shopping Support Groups aren't for everyone. Change is possible if you show up and do the work required.  We will be with you every step of the way, supporting you on your journey.  Join this exclusive and supportive private Group today. - your next step is here.