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Compulsive Shopping Support

We shop for all types of reasons. Sometimes it's the lure of a sale or even the thrill of a bargain.  Sometimes we shop because items are genuinely needed.

When then does shopping become a problem? When credit cards are maxed out, bills are overdue, we shop to feel good, or when our homes are full of stuff we don't use, want, or need.

While not currently a diagnosable condition, compulsive shopping is also known as compulsive shopping disorder and compulsive buying disorder.

Dr DeClutter defines compulsive shopping as:

  1. Unhealthy patterns of behaviour causing the obsessive acquisition of goods.
  2. Achieving an altered emotional state due to lack of impulsive control resulting in the urge to spend money
  3. A behavioural addiction.
  4. Daily routines are significantly hindered

In severe cases, it may lead to:

  1. Denial in living beyond means.
  2. Significant financial and emotional distress.

 This Program is ideal if you're:

shopping to fill emotional voids

  • living beyond your means
  • displaying impulsive behaviours
  • in debt
  • hiding or lying about the cost of purchases
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • keen to learn tools and strategies

If you'd like to learn more about what's behind your shopping splurges, you’re in the right place.  Dr DeClutter works with you at your pace, focussing on your goals while providing accountability and encouragement.  Here you’ll gain the tools and awareness to manage your spending habits realistically.

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