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DeClutter Accountability Group Coaching

Group Coaching allows you to work at your pace, in your space, steadily making progress on what’s most important to you. The Groups are structured to provide professional, confidential support and accountability on a weekly basis for a six week period. You are part of a community of like-minded people, all working towards individual decluttering goals, while learning and sharing experiences. We also celebrate milestones along the way.

DeClutter Accountability Group Coaching is specifically designed for anyone who is:

  • Diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ADHD or chronic disorganisation
  • Keen to learn how to declutter and work with – rather than against - one's mental health conditions
  • Wanting to get areas of your home decluttered
  • Feeling overwhelmed and unsure where or how to start
  • Struggling to set up or maintain organising routines
  • Procrastinating with piles of possessions because it all seems too hard
  • Wanting to learn tools and systems to declutter in a sustainable, long lasting way

How DeClutter Accountability Group Coaching Works

STEP ONE -  Planning stage:  Personal Coaching Call with Dr DeClutter, where, together, we:

  • identify your realistic organising goals
  • gain clarity around how to work with your mental health conditions
  • learn how to manage your time during the Group Coaching Sessions  &
  • discuss expectations of Group Coaching calls

STEP TWO - Discussion stage: Group Accountability Coaching Calls (weekly)

Come to the group prepared to:

  • review your previous weeks commitment
  • set your weekly decluttering intention
  • ask for and receive accountability from  group
  • explore how your diagnosed mental health condition may show up during your decluttering
  • learn decluttering AND organising techniques specifically for clients with mental health conditions

STEP THREE - Action/Doing stage: DeClutter Blitz (weekly and optional)

  • hands on decluttering, in your space
  • dedicated blocks of time to hands on decluttering
  • dedicated blocks of time to ask specific questions, raise  any challenges & learn strategies to set you on your way again
  • this is where you start to see real results

STEP FOUR - Update us with your progress (optional)

  • all Group participants have access to our members-only Accountability Group Coaching Facebook page
  • post your progress in the facebook group
  • ask questions, share your journey
  • let's celebrate your success together


To maximise the experience and benefit you gain from DeClutter Accountability Groups, we have found it is most helpful when you:

  1. Commit to attending the weekly DeClutter Accountability Group Coaching calls.
  2. Acknowledge that decluttering does take work and that between weekly calls, you’ll need to allocate time to work on your decluttering goals
  3. Support your peers and hold confidentiality of group

DeClutter Accountability Coaching Groups are not for everyone.   You can join this exclusive and supportive private group where you’ll learn not only HOW to get organised, but strategies to help you work with your diagnosed mental health condition - your next step is here.