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DeClutter Programs

This DeClutter Program has been designed specifically with you in mind. We know there is NO one size fits all when it comes to organising. All Dr DeClutter Programs are a result of hundreds of hours of study and hands on experience specifically relating to working with clients who identify with anxiety, depression, ADHD, chronic disorganisation and/or hoarding behaviour.

This Program is delivered face to face in your home and uses a combination of coaching and hands on decluttering techniques.  As a participant you will learn:

  • why you have accumulated possessions
  • how to declutter while living with your mental health condition
  • how to identify and work to your declutter strengths
  • strategies for identifying clutter hot spots
  • techniques for sustaining results longer term
  • how to strike the balance between who you are and what you own
  • strategies for identify possessions that reflect how you want to function in your home
  • habits, systems and routines that help create lasting change

This program is ideal for you, if you are:

  • ready for change
  • open to exploring different perspectives
  • keen to work with an experienced professional who respectfully understands your requirements
  • prepared to do the work required between appointments in order to gain maximum value

AND you want to learn how to declutter your home, work and life in a way that is specific to your style and is long lasting

All of this is possible and only a phone call away.  Contact us here