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Our Team

Carol Martyn COC, CPO-CD - Founder

Hi, I'm Carol, founder of Dr DeClutter, and my philosophy is simple: 

 "I believe it's possible to move from overwhelmed to organised. I also believe it's important to declutter to our standards, rather than to someone else's."

If you were to work with me, you would discover I am supportive and non-judgemental. Taking the time to listen to your needs helps me understand what's important to you when it comes to decluttering your home. I have over 27 years of professional mental health experience working in the community sector. Helping clients learn how to declutter while living with mental health conditions continues to be my passion. My commitment to continual professional development means I'm always studying and improving the way I work with clients. I am proud to have earned unique qualifications and memberships amongst the best mental health, coaching and professional organising industries in the word. Please give me a call; I look forward to learning how we can work together. In the meantime, you can read about my experience here.

Bec - Your Financial DeClutter Coach

Hi I'm Bec, your Financial DeClutter Coach

I’ve helped clients reduce debt and sometimes even find more money.

Most people’s first reaction is to run for the hills when it comes to their finances.  Not me; I won’t overwhelm you with fancy language or impressive spreadsheets.  I help both individuals and businesses gain control of their finances.  For everyone, this means something different.

When you work with me, you learn that I like to make figures fun.  Yes, this is possible!  For 15+ years, I’ve specialised in helping clients learn how to be more efficient with their money.  Whether you need help organising personal or business finances, I can show you how.

I am a member of 3 bookkeeping associations in Australia, a Professional Organising Association and have certificates recognising coaching and training skills. I’m also a registered BAS agent and can provide training on accounting packages.

It’s possible for you to get back on track with your finances - let's start with a complimentary discovery call

We can be contacted here.

Susan - Your DeClutter Expert

Hello, I'm Susan, your DeClutter Expert.

For 34 years, I worked as a counsellor, specialising in trauma. I understand the emotional cost of clutter and the impact on mental health.

As a DeClutter Expert, I now specialise in helping clients gain a deeper understanding of their mental health strengths while learning decluttering techniques that bring about lasting change.

If you were to work with me, you would find that I'm calm, compassionate and nothing phases me. I'm aligned with Dr DeClutter's core values, including education and empowerment of clients.  We can be contacted here.

Irene - Your DeClutter Coach

Hello, I'm Irene, your DeClutter Coach.

I've always been a good listener. As your DeClutter Coach, this is what I do best. I won't tell you what to do. Instead, we will work together to find solutions for your decluttering needs.

For the past 14 years, I've worked as a coach. My areas of speciality include mental health and compulsive behaviours. I work with individuals and families, depending on what clients require. I believe anything is possible with the right supports in place. As your DeClutter Coach, I will be actively listening to what you need.

If you were to work with me, you would find I'm observant, intuitive and down to earth. Let's talk soon.  We can be contacted here.

Jenny - Admin Support and Chief Coffee Maker

Hello, I'm Jenny - Admin Support

You'll rarely get to talk with me, as I'm usually beavering away in the background.

My role is to provide administrative support and update policies when needed. Occasionally I freelance as Chief Coffee Maker and Pencil Sharpening Expert. I've always felt more productive when fueled by coffee and have a stash of sharp pencils nearby. Carol and the team at Dr DeClutter understand - they don't judge my quirks and they won't judge yours. What are you waiting for? You may be surprised by how much the team understand your situation.  They can be contacted here.