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Our Team

Carol Martyn

Hi, I'm Carol Martyn, founder of Dr DeClutter and my philosophy is simple:

"I believe it's possible to move from overwhelmed to organised by learning how to declutter to our own standards, rather than to someone else's."

I bring years of professional experience working in the community sector, personal experience as a long term foster parent and a genuine interest in supporting clients, specialising in those who identify with mental health conditions.   Crafting these skills into a professional career has been - and continues to be - an absolute joy for me. I just know I am in exactly the right profession. This is highlighted often with client comments such as:

"I thought I had tried everything, and was beginning to think I wasn't capable of being organised. You showed me it wasn't about the stuff, it's about our actions and habits. I have learnt the foundations that will now be with me for life, thank you."

My commitment to continual professional development means I'm always studying and seeking ways to improve the way I work with clients. Currently I hold unique qualifications and memberships amongst the coaching and Australasian professional organising industries.  I'm currently studying to qualify even further in the specific areas of coaching people who live with ADHD, anxiety, depression and clients with hoarding tendencies to gain organising skills while working with their diagnosis.  For details on my qualifications feel free to contact me, or read about them here.

Our Team

From time to time, my clients find they need or would like additional services to help them achieve their decluttering and organising goals.

As a value added service, I can either work with any existing support in place, or refer you to my trusted network of other professionals including:

  • psychologists

  • general practitioners

  • productivity coaches

  • professional organisers

  • trauma cleaners

  • locksmiths

  • furniture removalists

  • rubbish removalists

  • skip bin hire

Not every client requires other professionals, but if you do, rest assured we can work together to find the right one for you. This process is 100% about you and your needs. Let me explain more in a complimentary 15 minute initial phone consultation. Contact me today.